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Monthly Plans To Help You Grow


  • Analysis summary
  • NO Leads Funnel Unlimited
  • NO Analysis Bot
  • Unlimited statements storage
  • 24/7 secure access
  • NO analysis/ month included


$2999/ month
  • Analysis
  • Leads Funnel Unlimited
  • Analysis Bot
  • Unlimited statements storage
  • 24/7 secure access
  • 5 analyses / month included


$6999/ month
  • Analysis Pro
  • Leads Funnel Unlimited Pro
  • Analysis Bot Pro
  • Unlimited statements storage
  • 24/7 secure access
  • 15 analyses / month included


$3999/ user/ mo3+ users
  • Analysis Pro
  • Leads Funnel Unlimited Pro
  • Analysis Bot Pro
  • Unlimited statements storage
  • 24/7 secure access
  • 10 analyses / month included
  • Team statistics & performance
  • Add/remove users as needed

Got Questions?
We Have Answers.

How do your plans work?2019-12-20T15:29:04-04:00

Simply sign up on a monthly plan to accelerate your business!

Whether free or paid, our plans include generous sign-up bonuses, which allow you to analyze statements.

What are the included analyses per month, and what is a credit?2019-12-20T15:11:19-04:00

Each plan includes a certain number of statements that you can analyze per month. We keep track of your allowance using credits.

When you successfully analyze a statement, we charge you 1 credit. If for some reason it doesn’t work (bad quality/ not recognized), we charge you 0 credits.

When you analyze a “case” – simultaneously analyze 2-3 statements for the same merchant, but from different time periods – we charge you 2 credits.

If in a given month you analyze fewer statements, the remaining credit balance is accumulated and is available the following month.

If you need to to analyze more statements, you may purchase additional credits to supplement. Prices vary from $6.99/5-pack , to $3.99/100-pack.

Purchased credits expire six months from issuance, so be sure to use them up.

What is the difference between Analysis Summary, Analysis, and Analysis Pro?2019-12-23T01:32:04-04:00

Analysis Summary calculates a few important items from the statement, such as Volume, Fees, Rate, Statement Type, and Pricing Type.

Analysis produces a one-page, editable analysis in Excel format, with two sections: Current and Proposal. You update per-transaction rate and fees – savings and rates are then automatically re-calculated. Where applicable, our technology automatically identifies surcharges and opportunities for IC optimization.

Analysis Pro allows you to customize the Analysis Standard output with your company’s logo.

What is the difference between Leads Funnel Unlimited and Leads Funnel Unlimited Pro?2019-12-20T15:12:45-04:00

Leads Funnel Unlimited allows you to receive an unlimited number of statements in your account. These statements may come from merchants visiting a page we automatically generate for you when you sign up, or from merchants visiting your own website when you include our technology with two lines of code. When a merchant uploads a statement, we send you an email with the summary information, such as volume, fees, rate, and merchant contact information. You can choose to analyze any statement with one click of a button.

Leads Funnel Unlimited Pro allows you to customize the logo and messaging on your generated page.

What is the difference between Analysis Bot and Analysis Bot Pro?2019-12-20T15:13:32-04:00

Analysis Bot allows you and your merchants to forward a statement to your own @feenav.com email address for analysis. A bot is waiting at this address, picks up the statement, analyzes it, and in seconds sends back to you the completed analysis (Excel), as well as a one-page PDF export to easily view on mobile devices.

Analysis Bot Pro also includes your logo, as well as three pre-defined pricing proposals: 10%, 25%, 50%-off of the processing fees. This way, you can pick a discount you prefer, and close the customer right then and there.

How does the Team plan work and how is it different from the others?2019-12-20T15:14:10-04:00

The Team plan is special.

Unlike the other plans, which are individual, the Team plan allows you to sign up your entire organization under the same umbrella. As the owner signing up, you have centralizing billing – simply invite your team members to join you. All they have to do is enter their name, the rest is automatic.

You can further define managers and members. Managers can view team statistics and performance of all members, whereas members only see their own activity.

This plan allows you to scale your organization up-and-down. For example, you can start with 3-5 members, go up to 20 or 2000, reduce to 30 etc.