You had a hard time getting qualified leads.

You had to schedule multiple meetings with prospects.

It was painful to analyze each statement yourself.

You spent a lot of time on the road on meetings that went nowhere.



Prospects send you their merchant statements while you sleep.

One button push and statements are instantly analyzed.

Stored, summarized, and neatly organized in one place.

Your business grows and you spend more time with family & friends.


Your Benefits

Our Offering

Full statement analysis.

One single page, no matter the statement.

Full statement analysis
We take your native or scanned/photographed PDF merchant statement and make sense of it, figuring out the processor, pricing type, extracting all the relevant data, looking for compliance and non-compliance fees etc.
If the statement pricing type is Flat, Tier, or something else, we convert it to IC Plus. If you submit 2-3 statements from the same merchant simultaneously (we call this a case), we do the analysis for each individual statement, then average across all.
For some statements, we even separate padding from interchange.
Did we say interchange optimization is coming soon?
All of this in 3-5 seconds?
Yeah, pretty sweet.

Leads Funnel Unlimited.

Get leads while you sleep.

Simply add to your email signature a link to a web page we automatically create for you. Now, any email you send is an opportunity for merchants to engage with you.
You can also include our technology on your own website with two lines of code, so it fits naturally in your presentation.
Any time a merchant uploads a statement to your Leads Funnel Unlimited, you get an email with the volume, fees, and rate.
An unlimited number of statements are included with your subscription – just choose which ones you wish to analyze.
All leads are neatly organized in your History page.
One place. All of your statements and leads.
Leads Funnel Unlimited

Look, ma! No computer.
Analysis Bot.

Forward a statement to your own bot on the go, or tell your prospects to do so.

Analysis Bot
Have fun chatting with prospects!
Your analysis gets sent to your phone seconds after you or your prospect forwards the merchant statement to your bot.
If you are on the PRO or TEAM plan, we even calculate three proposals with predefined discounts.
You also get to customize the email your bot responds to – e.g. Of course, also put your logo on the proposal.
There you go.
Freedom to do what you love, and not be stuck behind a computer screen.
Enjoy spending time with your prospects.
Build relationships, we got the numbers covered for you.

Profitability Analysis

coming soon

How It Works

  • You drop in your Schedule A.
  • One time, or as needed.
  • We automatically calculate the potential profit per proposal.
  • You should now always make money.

Comparison vs Reference

coming soon

How It Works

  • You pick a reference statement / analysis.
  • You then pick a comparator statement / analysis.
  • We perform the comparison and show any increases or decreases.
  • You can now prove the value to your merchants.

You’ll Love What We Built for YOU