Our Mission

We aim to facilitate commerce by increasing the trust and efficiency of the merchant payments industry.

Our Values

In addition, we also view ourselves as being…

Leadership Team

Adrian Talapan

Tech entrepreneur with previous impact across multiple industries: drug development, home services, healthcare. West Point, Harvard.

Ion Craciun

Deep experience in the merchant payments industry. Former small business owner. Former financial forensics investigator.

Tibi Pircalabu

Lead developer. Winner of the International IEEE Computer Science competition – twice! Really, he loves difficult problems…it’s a MENSA thing.

Mister X

Passionate entrepreneur turned Venture Capitalist investing in companies that transform industries.

Our Story

We are proud of where we started, and look forward to our exciting new chapter.

Once upon a time…

Ion Craciun, a former financial forensics investigator, needed merchant services for a coffee shop he was starting. When shown a merchant statement, it was love at first sight, as he realized his future was in the merchant payments industry. After selling his coffee shop, he joined First Data and immediately became one of their top salespeople, part of Chairman’s Trophy circle year after year.

One of the most painful parts of selling merchant services was actually analyzing statements.

So, he formed a company called Fee Notice and tried to automate the process. It was not easy. It was, in fact, very, very hard. Many a night were spent figuring things out.

Adrian Talapan, a tech entrepreneur, was watching this struggle from the sidelines, as he was busy running his big-data analytics business in healthcare. After he sold the company, he acquired Fee Notice and together with Ion formed Fee Navigator.

Now, Fee Navigator is applying leading-edge technology, AI, and operational excellence to increase the trust and efficiency of the merchant payments industry.

Designed to work for us, humans.