Sample Supported Statements

The logos above are reflecting sample statement types we support, and do not imply an official endorsement from the respective companies.

This tool is a must have for anyone trying to stand out in the merchant services space. Whether it’s your first merchant statement or you are a seasoned rate analysis veteran, this is a must have in your back pocket for any successful ISO!

Thomas Falcone, Card Connect (fiserv)

I loved the ease of use and the speed and accuracy of the statement review. I was able to submit a competitive merchant statement on the spot and win the deal. This is a great product and an extremely valuable tool!

George Parkinson, Worldpay

It makes statement analysis simple and easy. It’s saved me a great deal of time.

Nick Apostolu, Wirecard

I have enjoyed it and see it as a wonderful tool.

Wow! Fee Navigator is a game changer. By creating a simple, easy to use and understand statement analysis tool, Fee Navigator has taken the legwork out of negotiating new rates and removed the guessing game of ‘will it actually save money’! If you’re a business owner, an ISO or a sales rep in merchant services, you need this tool NOW!

Mark Brown, Orange Sock Pay

Fee Navigator is a very useful tool to have if you are in the merchant services industry. It makes our lives very easy to breakdown a statement and also present a possible savings breakdown to a prospective client.



  • Make more money, faster

  • Reduce your operating costs

  • Affordable subscription plans


  • Find your effective rate

  • Get your pricing score

  • Keep more of what you earned


  • Attract more customers

  • Offer more value

  • Reduce customer churn


  • Acquire more customers

  • Differentiate

  • Increase customer loyalty


  • Grow your membership

  • Increase your revenue

  • Empower your members

Application and Data Security

We host our solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in North America.
Our databases and servers are 256-bit AES encrypted. Encrypted backups are taken nightly and stored in a separate geographic location.
We store your merchant statements on Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3), which has 99.999999999% durability, with your data being stored across multiple Availability Zones at the same time.
Application containers and databases reside in private subnets, inaccessible from the outside internet. Access is restricted to the application and bastion layers.
We enforce HTTPS at the endpoint layer, and use real-time AI-based machine learning threat detection and prevention.
Even though we do not process credit cards, we greatly exceed the PCI DSS requirements.

Operational Security

Our staff must comply with Fee Navigator’s acceptable-use policy prior to gaining access to any protected systems or data.
This includes using strong passwords, encrypting their devices, enabling multi-factor authentication on all applicable systems, and undergoing security training appropriate to their role.

Third Party Audits

We commit to undergoing annual third-party penetration testing, including manual penetration testing on our application as well as internal and external network penetration testing for our infrastructure to identify potential system vulnerabilities.
This ensures any security issues are resolved before they have a chance to arise and that data is properly guarded. Code audits are performed regularly to scan our code base and find and address any security vulnerabilities.

Platform Features

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We never share your data with others, and when we aggregate it for analysis, it’s not associated with you.


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